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Lunch Ladies: Aubergine & Company


Definition of healthy: Aubergine serves up delicious and nutritious

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Restaurant Spotlight: Aubergine and Company


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"Best Taste of the Valley 2015."

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Health Food Hot Spots


“Aubergine is an amazing experience. The food is incredible and so good for you. It's definitely my favorite place to eat.”

Charles Abouo Former BYU basketball player

I know all of this “healthy” talk may not excite you as much as a greasy hamburger and fries, but I challenge you to give healthy eating a try … Aubergine makes it doable.

Mary Crafts owner and founder of Culinary Crafts

I eat here almost every day after the gym. Great tasting, healthy food. I know the staff quite well now and they are always friendly and inviting. There is good, better and best items on the menu, but you really can't go wrong with an acai bowl. I get a Brazilian acai bowl and the chicken pesto panini every day... Sometimes I'll switch it up with a salad and a different bowl.

Aaron S. Customer

“Real Food Mecca! What a beautiful business model. Everything was perfect.”

As a vegan this place is fantastic. It is difficult to find delicious dairy free dressings, Aubergine has it. It is also hard to find a place that I can go back to again and again without getting tired of the options (being very limited by most restaurants due to being vegan) but I tend to find myself at Aubergine 3-4 times a week...I don't know how it happens...I finish up whatever I am doing and before I know it I am at Aubergine with a Felafel sandwich in my hands...the 15 minutes between leaving my apartment and ordering my food I can never seem to remember...

Tyler Taggart Customer

I was reluctant to try this place but was talked into going. I'm glad I did… I ate a ton of food and I feel like a million bucks. I love healthy food that tastes awesome. [And] the service was excellent.

Trey W.Customer


This place was amazing! The açaí bowls were the closest in have ever had in the US to the real thing from Brazil, and the same goes for their cheesebread.

Kevin V.Customer

I AM SERIOUSLY OBSESSED WITH THIS PLACE. I'm a nutrition/fitness freak with a very strict diet, and this place has been an answer to my prayers. I love going in for a Juice when I need a pick-me-up. Also, best hummus I've ever had, ever. Every time I go, I leave happy. The food is quality, quality, quality. If you're thinking of going there, GO. I have not met or heard of a person who has not enjoyed going there

Brooke Taylor Customer

Amazing food and extraordinary service. I wish I could eat here three meals a day. Highly recommend the raspberry chocolate truffle dessert.

Karmel Larson Customer

This is probably my new favorite restaurant in Utah County for three reasons: great tasting, healthy, and great value. For those three reasons I will be coming back here often.

Trent M.Customer

“The best food! I love it! Your staff is friendly, and you guys make the best healthy food. I love coming here! Well done.”

I went here with my wife expecting a sort of hole in the wall kind of place but wow we were blown away by the food quality, taste and ambience. A sort of crowded menu board apart everything at this place screamed of healthy ingredients. Fresh juice, baked sweet potato sides and their delicious falafel. If you want tasty fulfilling and a economical dinner that also embraces vegan and gluten free options in the menu with a sort of upscale yet casual ambience like sort of the perfect marriage , then this is the place to go. Do not miss out on the experience, go here and enjoy a good meal and yes of course do try their pita bread with hummus and falafel in it and you won't be disappointed.

5 star rockstar place to me and I would definitely keep coming back to this place. Guys keep it up

Vish U. Customer

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