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Aubergine: (noun)

British English

- Term for a plant commonly known in American English as eggplant.

- Really, Really, good food.

It’s more than just food.

It’s not just about what you eat, or what it’s made from. We are driven by principles, by a vision.
We don’t want you to just eat different, we want you to...

feel different at Aubergine and Company

Bringing Back Fresh

Come into one of our locations and try our delicious options made right in front of you

Our Values. Our compass that makes sure we always move towards a healthy lifestyle


Integrity – We never compromise the integrity of our beliefs, product, relationships.

People In Our Core

We put people first – Employees, Customers, and Partners.

Principles, Not Trends

We make decisions based on health fundamentals, not trends.

Continuous Improvement

We creatively and relentlessly strive to improve our offerings every day.


We foster a positive, vibrant, and joyful environment.

Our Principles. we are driven by ideas that make it more than just a meal

Combine Delicious and Healthy

Healthy can be tasty. We operate at

the intersection of healthy and tasty,

never compromising on either dimension.

Sweeten with Fruit First

Fruit is the best sweetener. We use fresh fruits

as our main sweetener, especially dates which

are low on the glycemic index. Other natural

sweeteners such as agave, can be used in

moderation. Processed or refined sugars are

off the table

Focus on Nutrients, Not Calories

While diets often focus on counting calories, a

better and healthier approach is to focus on

nutrients. Some high-calorie products, such as

oils, are essential to our bodies, whereas some

low-calorie ones have very few nutrients.

Food Made From Scratch

All of our products are made

daily from scratch. No canned

food or preservatives.

Eat Good Fats, Avoid Bad Ones

Good fats (e.g. avocado, coconut oil,

essential oils, nuts, fish) are a major

source of energy. On the other hand, bad fats

lead to high blood pressure, poor elimination,

excess congestion, and toxicity in the body.

We help you choose wisely.

Grill or Bake, Never Fry

Fried foods contain bad fats.

Saturated and processed fats

(trans fatty acids)

raise blood cholesterol.

At Aubergine, we only grill or bake.

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